Training for Examiners

AHK examiners must be trained for their activities as examiners. This training is to consist primarily of general and profession-specific examination methods. The AHK ensures that examiners are trained and certified in the evaluation of examinations. AHK examiners must be experts in their field, qualified to conduct examinations and independent. The AHK is responsible for appointing, registering and supervising the examiners. Training of AHK examiners is to be based on the AHK examination regulations.

On December 18, 2019, AHK Egypt started the first training for automotive examiners. About 40 examiners took part in the training. Some of them work for different automotive companies and some are trainers from different state schools from all over Egypt. A second training session for automotive examiners took place online on May 12, 2020. In addition, another training for examiners in the field of logistics is scheduled for 2020.