Egyptian Ports are for Transit only & not for Storage


The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, directed the development of the “Authorized Economic Operator Program” so that Egyptian SME would take advantage of the benefits releasing containers through the “Green Path System” for “White List Companies”.

As of November 22nd, the “Green Path System” will be implemented in the ports and customs outlets for Egyptian companies that are committed and registered at the Central Administration of the Authorized Economic Operator in order to reduce the time of release and reduce the cost of customs clearance. This will have a huge impact on the selling price of products in local markets, and will positively influence Egypt's ranking in the World Bank Index “Cross-Border Trade”.

75 committed companies have been selected in the “White List” who will enjoy the benefits of fast release using the "Green Path System” at ports and customs ports according to international standards. This is measured through the volume of import, the country, port of import and monitored violations. In that case no container of the White List Company will be opened and facilitation of release will be done through the so called “Custom Flows”.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Administration of the Authorized Economic Operator at the Customs Authority is ready to receive requests from other companies, who wish to benefit from the advantages of the ``Green Path System”.

In case you are interested to register your company please fill in the papers as well as providing the required company papers as mentioned in the attached documents to the following address:

Ministry of Finance Towers,
Extension of Ramsis Street, Nasr City - Abbassiya, Cairo
Tower #3, 11th Floor – Authorized Economic Operator – الفاعل الاقتصادي

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:

May Khattab
Industrial Working Group Project Manager

+202-3333 8486