Business and Market Entry

The German market raises many questions for Egyptian companies, however, we have got the answers for you.


Interested in exploring your opportunities in the German market? Or, would you like to access the German market by establishing or expanding a subsidiary?

You are at the right address. The German market raises many questions for Egyptian companies, however, we have got the answers for you:

  • Does my product fit the German market?
  • What is the right marketing concept?
  • Which legal aspects apply?
  • How do I get in touch with business partners and customers?
  • How do I communicate successfully in Germany?

Our Business and Marketing services department assists and supports Egyptian companies with their German market entry and expansion plans. In close cooperation with our clients we develop solutions tailored to our clients needs and professionally guide our clients throughout the process.

business matchmaking

The service portofolio of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce includes address research, business matchmaking, support in negotiations and even individual market studies. We offer translation services. visa support, information on custom tariffs and/or legal issues and establishment of companies.

Address Inquiry

Search for addresses and contacts of German companies according to the criteria, that is set by the Egyptian companies. 

Sectors Overview

Food Industry:

Germany’s food industry is the country’s fourth largest economic sector, employing 551 000 people. It is characterised through small and medium sized companies.
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Furniture Industry:

The furniture industry in Germany generates a total annual sales volume of 15 billion euro and is hence one of Germany’s smaller industry sectors.
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Glass Industry:

The product range of the German glass industry has grown historically extremely wide. Various industries are concerned with manufacturing glass for a variety of applications.
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Metalworking Industry:

metalworking industries can be considered as an origin of industrial sectors in Germany. For more information click here

Textile Industry:

On international level, Germany ranks 3rd place referring to exports of textiles and clothing. For more information click here

Economic Updates

The business and economic department at the German Chamber is responsible for issuing economic data about Egypt and Jordan. Please click on the link below to see 2018 data:

Egyptian Report

Jordanian Report

Financing services:

MBE Export Financing

In order to support Egyptian Exports, Misr Bank Europe GmbH (MBE) with the support of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) offer the following service.

The service helps Egyptian exporters to solve two main issues linked to exporting:

  • Liquidity/ Cash flow
  • Risk

As Open Account Terms have become a market practice when you sell especially in Europe and in Northern America. MBE Export-Finance helps you to be competitive when your clients insist on payment terms as markets demand.

By utilizing MBE Export Finance facility a significant percentage of your receivable will be immediately financed. Consequently your cash flow will be improved and you will be able to pay suppliers at an earlier stage and possibly with rebate.

Additionally you will be covered against bad debts and against insolvency of your customers.

For more information please have a look at the MBE Export Financing presentation

X-Tron - the matching platform for financing business between Europe and Egypt

Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world and has one of the most important trade routes for ships in the Suez Canal. Cairo is the political and economic hub in Egypt, in which more than 20 million people live. The industrial base is relatively broad, but Egyptian industry is still relatively little involved in international value chains. However, the dense network of trade agreements makes production for export much easier. Both private and state-owned companies play an important role in the Egyptian economy. In addition to numerous small and very small companies, there are also a few very large companies. The central industries in Egypt include cement, steel, and fertilizers, in addition to textiles and food. When it comes to export, chemical and plastic products are the top players in this field of business. Agriculture plays an important role in terms of the number of jobs in Egypt. In addition to private companies, there are also several state-owned companies in Egypt, some of which are organized in large holdings.

Egypt has been an important trading partner for Germany for years. In 2019, the German economy exported goods worth 3.6 billion euros to Egypt. These mainly include products from road vehicles, medical and pharmaceutical products, electrical and power machines. At the same time, the share of goods that Germany imports from Egypt is growing. The successes in the expansion of mutual trade relations are due on the one hand to the deeply rooted Egyptian-German relations since the 1950s. On the other hand, the country has been promoting its industry for many years and benefits from German funding projects including the construction of primary schools, efforts to improve the status of women and girls, administrative reform, and district development.

Nevertheless, the Egyptian economy is also affected by the current corona crisis. Various industries are experiencing a decline in demand as well as a collapse of supply chains. According to figures from the Egyptian central bank (CBE), in the second half of 2020, foreign direct investment (FDI) dropped sharply by 32.3% to US $ 3.4 billion. Accordingly, the current growth of the gross domestic product (GDP), 2.9%, is slowing compared to 2020. Despite the government's far-reaching investment and subsidy plans, new financing and cooperation opportunities are therefore indispensable for the coming years.

The X-Tron platform promotes this development by supporting German and Egyptian companies in their search for financing and networking with banks from all over the world.

X-Tron is the marketplace for foreign trade and export finance. On it, companies can find financing for their export and import transactions. So far, transactions in the range of 50,000 to 100 million euros have already been successfully financed via the platform.

Within just a few minutes, exporting companies from German-speaking countries and importers from Egypt can request non-binding financing offers from over 50 international banks.

They can then easily compare bank offers and quickly choose the right financing to fund transactions between Europe and Egypt, e.g. for the sale or purchase of machines and plants. For the decision, companies do not have to go by the best financing conditions, but can also choose an offer for its qualitative aspects. For example, on the platform companies can find out exclusively how long the bank has been active in Egypt, how strong its local presence is, and approximately how many transactions it has financed there in the last 12 months. In this way, a bank can be selected that is not only the most affordable, but also enables the financing side to run smoothly. This benefits importers and exporters alike.

In addition, companies learn via X-Tron how a specific financing request would have to be modified so that more banks can make offers for it (e.g. with a shortening of the tenor) or for what reasons certain banks reject a request. This information provides a much better insight into the market and can be very helpful for further discussions with the foreign business partner.

If X-Tron is used regularly, the platform automatically provides insight into one's own financing history. Through the detailed overview and evaluation of all financing requests and offers, important conclusions can be drawn for future banking relationships, among other things.

You can find more information about X-Tron here