Market Entry Lebanon

In principle, Lebanon offers above-average development opportunities in a regional comparison. The country formally presents itself as a liberal location for foreign direct investment. The free movement of capital and foreign currency is guaranteed. Investment legislation does not differentiate between domestic and foreign capital. The country has a well-educated population and a functioning financial sector. We would be happy to support you in entering this exciting market.


With more than 2500 member companies, the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce is today the largest bilateral business organization in the context of German-Arab relations

We would be happy to help you expand your business and establish or expand your business relationships in Lebanon.

Unser Angebot im Überblick:

Address Research

By researching basic information on local companies through pre-agreed search criteria, we provide you with a complete database to help you connect with companies in Lebanon.

Marketing Mail Campaign

In a marketing mail campaign, we select potential business partners based on the ideal profile you have formulated, using our database and external databases. We send a mailing to all potential business partners. We will then send you a database of interested companies.

Business Partner Brokerage

Based on your specifications, we establish contact with the companies that meet your requirement criteria. After defining the target group and positioning the product and company, we research potentially interested companies for you and contact them in writing, by telephone or in person. The information provided by the companies and their willingness to cooperate is checked and the companies are selected according to your previously specified criteria.

We visit the selected companies in person. We compile the company profiles of the individual interested parties: Contact person, information on the field of activity, number of employees, turnover. In addition to the company profiles of your potential partners, you will also receive information on the results of the discussions held with the companies in a final report.

Making an Appointment

We arrange appointments for you with potential local business partners and accompany you to local company meetings.

Credit Reports

We provide you with an overview of the company's structure and give you an in-depth insight into the company's financial situation.

Quick Market Check

Based on your questions regarding your product or service, we analyze the market potential of your product/service in the Lebanese market.

Market Study

We create detailed and individually tailored market studies for you. With their help, it is possible for you to determine the optimal strategy for market entry abroad. Our market studies include economic background information, information on market development and volume, market trends, statistics on import and export development as well as existing sales and distribution channels from the producer to the end customer.

Delegations to Lebanon

On these - usually sector-specific - group trips, German companies and associations gain an overview of the respective sector in the region. They are informed about the framework conditions for doing business locally. During in-house visits and cooperation exchanges, you make contacts with local companies and have the opportunity to exchange experiences.