Senior Expert Service

The Senior Expert Service (SES) offers retired people the opportunity to share their knowledge and knowledge with others abroad and in Germany.


Egyptian Companies do not necessarily need a joint venture partner for capital injection. Sometimes it is just a little push of know-how, the proper technology and our products can sustain international competition.

GACIC in cooperation with Germany's Senior Expert Service (SES) can provide you with the expertise your company wants and this quite affordable and without long term commitment. Through Senior Experts (specialists who have retired from their active professional career), SES promotes the vocational training, further education and qualification of specialists and managers in Germany and abroad. With their life-long job experience, Senior Experts are in a position to offer fast, practical support in solving acute technical and operational problems on site - on an honorary basis. Their assignments are for a maximum of six months.

The Experts:

The majority of Senior Experts provide assistance to small and medium-sized companies, although there are also some members working with institutions and organisations, "helping them to help themselves".

The Senior Experts have extensive professional experience and are highly motivated. They give practical support on a voluntary basis and thereby contribute to the economic development in the country of assignment.


Since 1983 we have carried out over 20,000 assignments in 156 different countries. Our Senior Experts cover more than 50 sectors of industry: from „a“ like agriculture to „w“ like wood processing.

At the headquarters in Bonn, around 5,000 highly qualified Senior Experts from nearly every section of industry are registered. Having been active in their profession for many decades, they are able to usefully deploy their expertise - on an honorary basis. They also have the satisfaction of knowing they are still needed. SES is independent and registered as a non-profit corporation. As a sponsor of SES, German industry demonstrates its commitment to international cooperation and to the promotion of economic development in both developing and newly industrialised countries.